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Best Web App Development Services

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Web applications are computer software accessed through a web browser with all interactive elements. Gmail, Facebook, Webmail, Twitter, etc. are all web application that is built for user engagement. Web app performs a wide range of functionality. These are hosted on remote web servers.

Why Need A Web App?

  • Web applications offer many advantages. They empower the businesses as web apps are internet based applications so these are easily accessible through every devices like mobiles, tabs, etc. So clearly if your brand has a web app you have more reach to customers than your competitor who has not.
  • Developers do not need to care about platform specifications as web app does not need to get installed where user wants to use it.
  • Quick Restoration is one of the best pros of web based programs. Just need to remember login credentials, any human mistake or system damages does not impact the information on web based software. So it gives higher level of security.
  • Needs very low maintenance requirements as there is no need to be downloading since they are accessed through a network.

How A Web Applications works?

how web application works

Step 1 – Using internet, end user will send a request of accessing the application to the web     server from his web browser.

Step 2 – After receiving the request from end user, web server will forwards the request to the web application server.

Step 3  – An application server’s fundamental job is to generates dynamic content. App Server have components and features to support Application level services such as Connection Pooling, Object Pooling, Transaction Support, Messaging services etc. Application server process the user’s request and with the use of databases produce results of the requested data and send it back to web server.

Step 4 – The web server then responds back to the client and the requested information is displayed to the user.

How to Build a Web App?

Idea Generation & Market Research– Idea is about the kind of application you want to build. It may or may not be the toughest part depending upon person to person.

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Finding the right idea can be difficult because there is heavy competition in every industry. You shouldn’t hurry at this instead take time, do proper research, attend seminars and discussions about the problems and needs of the society as after all you want our would-be-product to serve best in the society. It’s important to dive deep into the market. You can take help of social networking sites to connect to people to find out better what is going on the market.

Documenting the Idea- Once you are sure with idea, it’s time to dive deeper into the process. Here you need to make a list of all features and functionality, everything you want your app to do. Document the information keeping the fact in mind that the developer will use this as reference to build the software.

Designing the interface- Make a prototype of your web application by sketching out the user  interface. User Interface deals with the way app looks and user experience deals with the way app communicate with the user. Things like color, transitions, graphics, images, shapes, effects, etc., are added here. Always consider navigation, forms other controls for sketching out the interface. Use the  Moscow method, for instance: 

  • Must have components
  • Should have components
  • Could have components
  • Won’t have components

This will help a lot in narrowing things down moving ahead to developing project into reality.

Commencing the project –   This stage has bigger technical aspect. This includes the making up  of app’s front end and back end. Client programming languages and server programming languages are used achieve the goal.

Front-end includes designing the visual part of app currently done by  making use of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS

Bank-end is the backbone of the app. Back is the functionality of the app. Scripting tools like frameworks, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, etc are used with respective databases.

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Validation– You’ve now successfully created the first prototype which visually describes your web app. Testing is as important as scripting it. Now go and collect actual reviews about your product in target market. Do the required changes what you think make your app more useful in public.

Host Web App-

cloud hosting

Hosting allows your web app to be available via the internet. Popular cloud service providers can be according to your preferences like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle are few examples.
Deploy your App- Deployment is putting your application from your computer to your cloud hosting. We are provided with tools for this purpose as well
o TeamCity
o AWS Code Deploy
o Visual Studio
o Jenkins
o ElectricFlow are few examples.
Once you are done with all your app journey, start getting feedback and adding more features and updates to it. This will keep your app always ahead and useful.
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